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Since it is not possible to file a grievance on-line, I have tried to simplify the process as much as possible. The attorneys whose conduct I have documented are each separately listed in Categories in the left sidebar. Each attorney’s category links to a post where you’ll find a link to the grievance application. Simply print, fill out and sign the application. Print and attach a copy of my post to provide the factual basis to support the claim of an ethical violation and mail it to the appropriate address.Each post also has links to that attorney’s state bar(s) of admission, more information regarding the grievance process, an on-line state bar member’s directory, the rules of professional conduct and the rules of professional conduct. Additionally, all the information needed to file a grievance against any attorney can be found at the State Bar Associations category link which contains links to the bar association(s), grievance information, rules of conduct, grievance application and member directory for each state as well as Washington, D.C.

Please e-mail me a copy of any grievances filed. Please do not send me a copy of the grievance if it would violate any confidentiality requirements or other restrictions on disclosure.

Contact me: GrievanceProject (at) gmail (dot) com

Because ethics matter.


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  1. It is about time someone gets deadly serious about this issue.


  2. Lawyers and ethics can be like oil and water

  3. dave,

    Humans and ethics can be like oil and water. Although the vast majority of attorneys maintain their ethical obligations, the various bars’ rules of professional conduct recognize this human frailty. For example, the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct to which former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is subject begins

    Preamble: A Lawyer’s Responsibilities

    1. A lawyer is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice. Lawyers, as guardians of the law, play a vital role in the preservation of society. The fulfillment of this role requires an understanding by lawyers of their relationship with and function in our legal system. A consequent obligation of lawyers is to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

    * * *

    7. In the nature of law practice, conflicting responsibilities are encountered. Virtually all difficult ethical problems arise from apparent conflict between a lawyers responsibilities to clients, to the legal system and to the lawyers own interests. The Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct prescribe terms for resolving such tensions. They [the Disciplinary Rules] do so by stating minimum standards of conduct below which no lawyer can fall without being subject to disciplinary action. * * *

    8. The legal profession has a responsibility to assure that its regulation is undertaken in the public interest rather than in furtherance of parochial or self-interested concerns of the bar, and to insist that every lawyer both comply with its minimum disciplinary standards and aid in securing their observance by other lawyers. Neglect of these responsibilities compromises the independence of the profession and the public interest which it serves. (Emphasis supplied.)

    All it takes to begin an inquiry against any attorney is to file a grievance.


    • In 1988 I was the victom of an assult, then city attorney Don Bourne procecuted the case found the person guilty but did not want to put them in jail so behind my back the, victom he setteled it with a suspended sentence. I then spent the next two years trying to get my medical bills paid, Never happened . In 1997 I was again assulted and Bourne did not want to procequte the guy to punish me further for a pepper spray incident a year earlier.
      I then filed a lawsuit against Don Bourne. Sence then he has become a Judge. I was falsely arrested at my home when people came by my house and attempted to beat up my firend in my driveway, they drove off and called 911 lied and had me falesly arrested. I got a lawyer to go to court ask Judge Bourne to requse himself he would not. I am innocent and we proved it in court but it did not matter at the end of the trial Judge Bourne sentenced me guilty. Every mouth in the courtroom droped open. These people came to my house assulted us and we were arrested. Then the Judge takes his revenge on us for my lawsuit which went nowhere, however I did make thje front page of the paper
      Local man sues city attorney) His petty self has decided to get even with me again now I have the right to appeal and I will win because I am innocent. The court was fixed before
      I ever walked in Don Bourne of Russellville AR. pope county
      My lawyers name is seth irwin.

      • shoot the motherfucker!

    • My attorney explained his contingent fee was 50 percent. I thought this was high but I wasn’t familiar with contingency fees, so I signed the agreement. The Judge awarded our summary judgment but my attorney said we would be required to go through mediation first. I didn’t understand what was going on until the opposing attorneys started throwing out numbers. I realized we were there to settle. My attorney started telling me how unpredictable a jury trial is even though I had excellent documentation. He told me the last offer was good and I should accept. I did. I trusted my lawyer. Big mistake. He received a check for 60 thousand (attorneys fees) and I received a check for 12 thousand. 20 thousand – 40%taxes=12 thousand. I told him wanted to stick to our 50/50 agreement. That is when he sent me a bill for $84,330.94. Pay $84,330.94 or take whatever he allowed me to keep? I kept the 12 thousand. I called the Alabama Bar association and they wouldn’t speak to me. They said they didn’t get involved in fee disputes and we would need to go through arbitration. I called several attorneys and they wouldn’t call be back. I was completely disgusted. I had been victimized by my previous employer (pregnancy discrimination) and now I was being victimized by my attorney. Below is the agreement:

      ENGAGEMENT: In consideration for services rendered and to be rendered on behalf of: _____________ (hereinafter “Client”, whether one or more) by the law firm of, #######,######,####,LLC (hereafter “Attorneys”), client retains Attorneys to defend and pursue claims on behalf of the client in the following matter against,##### ### and whomever (including corporations or government bodies) is probably liable for any and all damages (actual, consequential special and! or punitive) owed to client arising from or connected with the subject matter of this engagement.
      ATTORNEYS FEES: In the event the claim is successful, the undersigned client agrees to pay from any fee award or payment, back-pay, interest, compensatory, punitive, or liquidated damages or other sums recovered a sum equal to one of the greater of the following two alternatives:
      (1) Fifty Percent (50%) all sums recovered if case is settled or tried or collected by judgment;
      (2) The normal non-contingent hourly rate applicable for each attorney working on the case at the time of payment for all hours worked plus a sum equal to 100% of the normal non-contingent hourly rate charged by the attorneys as an inducement to the attorneys to undertake this case on a contingency or “at risk basis”; provided, however, that in no event will the obligation to pay such enhancement or inducement exceed 50% of the back-pay, interest, compensatory, punitive, or liquidated damages after deduction of any expenses which have not been reimbursed,
      In no event will the undersigned client have any right to retain or receive any portion of the attorney’s fees recovered or any part of the expense reimbursement which he or she has not personally paid, All such sums for attorney’s fees and expenses, except expenses paid by the undersigned client, shall be paid exclusively to the law firm.
      EXPENSES: The undersigned client will pay all expenses in the case, including but not limited to: the filing fee, cost of depositions, experts, long distance telephone expenses, photocopies, mileage and other travel expenses,
      Client, by signature below, hereby grants Attorneys a lien on this cause of action, and a lien on any proceeds and any judgments recovered in connection with this cause of action as security for the payment of attorneys’ fees and expenses as contracted for in this agreement.
      AUTHORIZATION: Attorneys, their agents, and employees are authorized to take all steps deemed by them to be necessary and appropriate to obtain a satisfactory result, including but not limited to securing a complete investigation; instituting legal proceedings; employing consultants, expert witnesses, and associate counsel; and Attorneys shall have full power and authority to settle, compromise or take such action as Attorneys might deem proper for the best interest of client; and client does hereby appoint Attorneys as Client’s attorneys-in-fact, with full power to execute any and all instruments or documents on behalf of or in the name of client which are necessary to further, settle, compromise or make other disposition of the subject matter of the engagement or to withdraw from the case.
      CHOICE OF ATTORNEY: By employing the firm ##### #### ####, LLC (“Firm”), the undersigned client understands that he/she will be represented by one or more of the attorneys in the firm. The undersigned client will not have a choice as to which attorney will handle the case, instead the firm will select the attorney who is best able to handle the case based on the facts and legal issues involved and the time it is scheduled or anticipated for trial.
      DISCHARGE OF ATTORNEY OR FAILURE TO PROSECUTE BY CLIENT: In the event that the client discharges the attorney or the law firm, or the client fails to prosecute the claim or otherwise causes the claim to be dismissed, the client shall be responsible for payment of all hours worked on his behalf by the attorney or the firm at normal non-contingent hourly rates and shall pay such sums, or make adequate provision for guaranteeing such payment satisfactory to the law firm, prior to a voluntary dismissal of the claim or within thirty (30) days of an involuntary dismissal of the claim.
      PROPERTY of ATTORNEYS’ FEES: If attorneys’ fees are capable of being sought in this case from the opposing party, those fees are the property of the firm and are hereby assigned to the firm. It is agreed that those fees shall not be waived by the undersigned client under any circumstances without the express written consent of the firm. The undersigned client agrees that no attorney of the firm shall be discharged for refusing to waive attorneys’ fees. The undersigned client hereby authorizes the firm to communicate the rejection of any offer which is insufficient to ensure that the firm receives an adequate attorney’s fee.
      ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND ELECTION: By signing this document, the undersigned client acknowledges that he/she understands and promises to pay the attorneys’ fees as set forth herein and that he/she has been advised of the option of engaging ### ### ###, LLC at their currently hourly rate on a non-contingent basis. By signing this document, the undersigned client hereby elects to pay the attorney’s fees on a contingent basis pursuant to this agreement.

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    • I have filed three complaints since 2007 on a Fla Lawyer with the Bar.the Fla. Bar recommended I call the bar this year.Five years !The case had been reopened since 2011.
      Now I will begin my fourth Complaint with additional Burden Of Proof:
      I will not be passed around !My judgement will not be clouded !
      One of my four lawyers gave me $500.00 back out of $18,000. Im a student at the expense of the state now.I represent myself .Where has Ethics gone?What happen to truth,honor and justice? I Stepped out on a brand new path.Through it all i have become someone very strongh,educated,beautiful,sweet, spirited and very blond.Still rising…..There I Go…Watch Me…Next.

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  17. E.M.

    I really am kinda scared and feel like an ex-attorney of mine will file a law suit and get back at me in some way or fashion if I file a grievance against him. Heck, he has even threatned at least two of his own staff and to fire them if they talk behind his back about him to me about what he was not going to to do to assist me any longer in a pro bono issue. This attorney is a very powerful person who has ties with Judges daily as well the State Bar who will back him up (his friends) and I need some desperate help before I go insane as this pro bono issue he at one time claimed he will do my consumer debt case for free, now claims I owe money for his services that he claims now was never offered. I am not sure what to do or if I should as well sue the britches off of him for putting me through hell and misery in my credit as well now harming my new wife’s credit. Is there not one person out here that can help this Texas Disabled Veteran that I can trust or what more can I do?


  18. BJ,

    Check out the Texas Legal Services Center and Texas Watch. Both links are in my blogroll above, on the right side of this page.

    I e-mailed Mr. Randall Chapman, Executive Director of the Texas Legal Services Center, regarding your situation to see if he can provide any assistance to you. I also cc’d Texas Watch at their general contact e-mail address in case they can help. Check the e-mail for links to a resource page and a hotline page at TLSC as well as links to Texas Watch where you can share your story and request assistance from them.

    You may also want to try contacting Texas attorneys who deal specifically with attorney ethics issues but who don’t typically practice in your part of Texas.

    Good luck with this matter. Please keep me posted of your progress.

  19. My name is Roxie Caswell. I am a 60 year old Breast Cancer Patient. I have endured 5 surgeries. My Health Insurance is $736.90 per month, and I can’t buy health insurance any where else. Even with health insurance, my part of the medical bill are very expensive. My husband (Nathan) and I started a Landfill business in 1994 and we worked together to get it going. It became very successful. We built a house in the Landfill together. In February 2005 my husband signed the Stock Certificate to the Sub S Corp over to me, his wife. My husband was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in March, 2005, he died in August of 2005. My husband had a will, and he had updated it twice. It was plain and simple, it stated that I would get our home and 50% of his Estate, and his daughter would get 50%. His daughter never lived with us, nor did she ever work at the Landfill. After Nathan’s CT scan, Nathan and I went to the Urologist’s office for his appointment (3/09/2005). The Urologist said he had a mass on his left kidney, and that he was referring us to another Urologist at Emory. Nathan realized that this could be serious, and that he had not done very good estate planning, so he signed a Power of Attorney to me and ask me to put certain deeds in my name. (The deeds that were put in my name only, was properties that we had invested in together with my seperate money and his seperate money. He ask me to put the rest of the deeds in mine and his name. He knew, if anything happened to him, I would do the right thing. Early in the AM of his next appointment (3/11/2005), he got into bed and pulled the sheet up over him, and his left arm broke into. Nathan was in excrutiating pain. After seeing the Urologist and the Oncologist, Nathan left Emory on a Morphine drip. It was downhill from there on. Nathan’s daughter nor his brother helped take care of him.

    Next thing I knew the bank was calling telling me that Nathan’s daughter and brother were trying to take his money out of the bank.

    After Nathan’s brother informed Nathan’s daughter, he was terminal, she found an attorney to draft a 23 page Will, Durable Power of Attorney’s, giving her,(she has never lived with us or worked at the Landfill) all the power. She lived in Boston at the time. and had him sign it when he was on mega doses of
    Morphine. (This all took place at a Wendy’s, while I was gone to pick up a prescription for stronger Morphine) I found this out, because my answer machine taped a conversation between the daughter and brother, admitting what they had done. The Will that she had drafted had an Interrorem Clause in it. I contested the will, because I knew my husband had nothing to do with that will. This will named Nathan’s brother (Glen) as the Executor and his daughter (Natalie) as the backup Executor. The Attorney (John Cory) was not present at the Execution of the will. Nathan’s daughter, brother, Financial Planner and his Secretary executed the will. The will, whether I contested it or not, took everything away from me, and gave total control to the Executor.

    The court ignored my signed Stock Certificate. Nathan’s daughter and brother had a Handwriting Expert to examine the Stock Certificate and found it to be genuine, because it never got brought up again.

    I have always been an Officer of the Sub S Corp.

    The Probate Court of Walton County, was not fair to me. Judge Adams ignored the fact, that I was the wife. He ruled in favor of the 23 page Will.

    Nathan’s daughter and brother insisted on the Court appointing a Temporary Administrator (Stephen Noel, the County Attorney) of Nathan’s Estate, again ignoring me as the wife, an officer of the Sub S Corp. Taking everything away from me and giving it to a complete stranger. The Temporary Administrator had to post a $4 million bond on a $8 million Estate, he did not fulfill his duties. He did not pay any estimated taxes, he did not file the income taxes for the Sub S Corp for 2007 nor 2008.(I filled them for 2005 and 2006, then I was forbidden to see the bank statements). All of this resulted in Tax Liens being filed on me, ruining my credit. The Temporary Administrator forbid me to even go into the office of the Landfill, but he continued my paycheck. Almost every week, when the Manager of the Landfill, (David), would go to Mr Noel’s office, to get the paychecks signed, Mr Noel would send little inuindos, like, John Ott (the judge), is Gene Benton’s (the judge) best friend. Just about everything Mr Noel has said has come to be true. I wrote a letter to the Probate Judge (Greg Adams), telling him what the Temporary Administrator had and had not done. I got no response.

    The trial in Superior Court was one sided. It lasted 5 days. The Judge (John Ott) would not let any of my expert witnesses testimony in. The judge would not let the answer machine conversation in. The judge said The Power of Attorney made to me was no good. The Judge lead the jury. The Judge let the attorney that drafted the Will testify, and continue to be Natalie’s attorney. (I thought that was a conflict of interest) Not in the law, according to John Ott. Three of their witnesses testified that the Will was designed to benefit the wife, to take care of her for the rest of her life. In the end, the Judge said, he had made enough errors in the trial, that he could grant a new trial. I filed a motion for new trial and guess what, he denied it. There is so much more, but I am trying to condense this story.

    The judge would not let the jury know about the Interrorem Clause, which was part of the Will. He said the jury would feel sorry for me, and that would impair their judgement. He reserved the right to rule on the Interrorem Clause, (that stated, if I contest the Will, I get nothing),at a later date.

    After over $300,000.00 in Attorney’s fees, 5 attorneys,(trying to find an attorney, that could do something for me, the wife), (and one of which told me,that I was not the first or last these judges did this to), and almost 4 years of Court, and because Nathan’s daughter knew one of the Walton County Superior Court Judges (Gene Benton). Walton County allowed Nathan’s daughter and brother to take everything I worked hard for, leaving me pennyless. My husband’s Estate, was appraised at $8,000,000.00, at the time of his death. My husband’s Estate pays for Natalie and Glen’s attorneys, but not for mine.(that don’t seem quite fair). Glen(the brother), was swon in last week,as Executor, and came by the Landfill to tell the Manager (David), the he would be signing the checks from now on and, that he would be in control of the house up on the hill (my home). Glen said he would be putting me out of the house, where I have lived for 13 years. Sure enough Judge Ott made his ruling, dated on the same day Glen(the Executor) was sworn in, upholding the Interrorem Clause. I am still listed with the Secretary of the State as the CEO, which means nothing. Glen stopped my paycheck, so now I have nothing to live on, because Natalie and Glen have stolen everything from me, with the help of the Walton County Maffia. The Year’s Support proceeding has been put off for almost 4 years and now I am told that it can’t take place, until after the first of June because of Natalie’s (the daughter) wedding.(she ranks higher than me). Natalie is 28 years old, she is a convicted fellon, she has numerous DUI’s, caught 3 times for shoplifting. (before the age of 16) She has a college degree in Sociaology. Had an elaborate wedding, without a job, cannot keep a job. Her husband doesn’t have a job. Oh, I forgot, Nathan provided for her, an Irrevocable Trust in 2004 for $1.6 million dollars. I guess that is how she had an elaborate wedding.

    The Probate Judge (Greg Adams), was not fair to me before, and he will not be fair to me at the Year’s Support Proceeding. (When they decide to do it at Natalie’s convenience). Natalie nor Glen live in this county. Stephen Noel has told the Landfill manager (David) what will take place at the Year’s Support Proceeding and, it is not good. If this is not corruption, I will eat my hat.

    This corruption has to stop. I am an honest, hard working, tax paying, voting Citizen. This should not happen to anyone. These judges do not deserve to sit on any bench. This is not acceptable. I am unable to get a job at this point, and I don’t want this to ever happen to a wife. I am too young to get Social Security. I don’t want pitty, I want justice. Marriage, the Holy State of Matrimony means nothing in this County. No one can believe this story,I don’t even believe this story, but it is true.


    Roxanna S Caswell

    • Thanks for the comment, Ms. Caswell.

      Regarding your story, I believe what you describe can and does happen in this country. For example, the Back – – and the Shuler – – families would likely believe you.


  20. Look like someone in the Army’s interested in filing an attorney grievance:

    Domain Name ? (Military)
    IP Address 136.205.16.# (Garrison-Redstone (DOIM))
    ISP Garrison-Redstone (DOIM)
    Continent : North America
    Country : United States (Facts)
    State : Alabama
    City : Huntsville
    Lat/Long : 34.7018, -86.6108 (Map)
    Language unknown
    Operating System Microsoft WinXP
    Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2)
    Javascript disabled
    Time of Visit Aug 12 2009 9:33:33 am
    Last Page View Aug 12 2009 9:33:33 am
    Visit Length 0 seconds
    Page Views 1
    Referring URL unknown
    Visit Entry Page http://grievanceproj…m/grievance-project/
    Visit Exit Page http://grievanceproj…m/grievance-project/
    Out Click
    Time Zone unknown
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    Visit Number 13,921

    Hopefully, it’s about Gen. Hartmann.

  21. I need to file a grievance against an attorney who I paid for $100.00 to help me with a traffic ticket but he never took care of it for me. As matter of fact I ended up going to jail for it. I’ve waited patiently and tried to talk with him concerning that I feel a refund needs to be made to me for services unrendered and no response from him for almost a year. Where do I go to get this form to fill out? I couldn’t figure out by looking at all the links on this page. Thank you, Kim

  22. I am in Texas, Dallas area.

  23. I was sexually assaulted by my boss who was an elected official. I’m finding out that no one will take responsability for what he did even though he has a criminal case pending with several victims including myself. I do not want this to happen again. I have to report him to somebody!!

    • I’m very sorry for your experiences. If your boss is also an attorney, report him to your state bar. The links are on this site. If not an attorney, then keep working with the prosecutor. Ask them if they have any victim assistance/counseling available for you to use or if they can refer you to a rape crisis center. Check also with local places of worship to see if they can help. Don’t give up.

  24. I want to go to trial but my lawyer says no. Why is this?
    A woman accused me falsely, I do have witnesses but no one cares to speak with them. This is complicated I guess and would like to explain in further detail by phone or email so that you will understand. They are forcing me to plead guilty with 13 months and a day of probation with some other program requirements they want me to attend that I don’t need, or I go to jail. I was raised by a lawyer and married to a cop. I have always had the utmost respect for the law and now, they want to mess up my life.
    Anyway, I am having trouble with a Waterbury Prosecutor who is not interested in the truth, just making me do all sort of things that I do not want to do and my lawyer is agreeing, I think they are friends. All of this because I do not have the money to defend myself. These charges will have a negative impact on my future if I continue. I am innocent and need your help to prove that since no one else in this town is interested in the truth; I know you support the truth. Please help me get justice. I do have a court date coming up and I am not sure what to do. My next course of action will be contacting the media.

  25. I need help my mom Olga Bermeo who is 75 years old was lied to by a lawyer who didn’t help her at all.Myy mom gave the lawyer over 12,000!…ALL.. her saving to help her in a custody battle of her great grandchildren. and this lawyer didn’t help her and when my mom asked for her money back all she returned was 4,ooo.My mom is DEVASTED and cries all day for the money because now she can’t get another layer to get the babies back.PLEASE HELP US DONT KNOW WERE TO TURN TOO! My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and my name is Malena Xxxxxxxx

    Thank you,

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