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  1. plese listen, our story involves , all that you blog about aswell as many other sites, it is the longest story/case i believe in u..s history, the magnitude of all involved is just mind boggling, in terms of federal, states, local. coruppion and particapation along with many private citizens,and corperations, It is in my judgement the only case in justice that covers every aspect of our civil rights il sen you a summarry, also check out ojr fedral civill that we droped due to corruption and death threats not to mention possibly up to four deaths ruled accidents ect. dana jill simpson is our nieghbor and attourney right now in a personal injury lawsuit, and we are keppiing our corruption knowledge confidential between us at this point due to the danger us and our families may be subject to. if!! this email gets through i will be very surprised due to the fact this percicutiun and violation is and on going conspiracy for 6 years now, i have a lot of evidenenc on them 500 pgs doc. tapes ect, we need some help in guidence, this story has more twist and turnes than the mighty misssasipp, but every turn there seems to be a suspicious reasonable cause that facillatates the corruption, and violation over the years,My Wife and I ,keep flip flopping on wether or not to conform the way they want but she is dieng of a very slow blood disdorder among other problems and i am mabey 75% disabeled.n well i could go on and on, we figure the book can do that, since it covers so many areas of everday life up to the us attorgney and mabey rove and bush. you cant contact us in the normal fashons, i have a safe idea for that to take place.. thanks for your time.. Ted AND bARBARA Back

  2. hi,
    we are in the process of updating our 10 Worse Prosecutors for 2008 and would appreciate any nominations. We are looking at the prosecutors in Alabama. Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Bob Bennett
    thanks for lising our blog.

  3. […] Bob Bennett honored my blog with this comment asking for help in preparing his 10 Worst U.S. Prosecutors for […]

  4. Mr. Bennett,

    Thanks for the comment. Please see this post.

  5. Can a Bar assosciation be charged with racketeering?

    I sent a case to the Ninth Circuit alledging an “ethics crisis” in the State of Alaska, listing Stevens’ activities, VECO and fishery that all came under investigation about 10 months after I filed. The brief is case 05-35694 in the Ninth Cir. I hac asked for criminal investigations in the district court in Eugene.

    To qualify that, I think there are enough mail frauds associated with the Alaska Bar Association and some of it’s members, and I think they have contributed significantly to the corruption in Alaska.

    I beleive that I have enough evidence to prove conspiracy to abuse process, and the Magistrate who stepped down was part of it. She is of course a bar association member.

    Please feel free to contact me with any advice.

  6. I greatly appreciate your actions in making Americans aware of the unacceptable shortcomings stemming from abuses of prosecutorial misconduct.

    My case is contaminated with many flagrant abuses of prosecutorial authority that consist of unfailing deception presented by federal prosecutors over the last four years. Thus, resulting in a vastly distorted case record from the factual evidence. I believe all well orchestrated and calculated to coerced me into pleading guilty and prevent me a fair chance of ever clearing my name.

    To the best of my ability, which is very limited, I have diligently pursued justice in my case, all to no avail.

    No one in the Department of Justice cares to get involved. I have created a blog at in an attempt to document these events to let others know the degree in which federal prosecutors are misusing the very power the American people have entrusted them to uphold.

    Anything you can do to help get this information out to the public is greatly appreciated.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    -Chris Stoufflet

    • TO: Grievance Project August 13, 2010


      My son was “railroaded” into entering a plea in his criminal case in Atlanta.
      (United States V Stoufflet, 1:06 – CR 337 – CC)

      I am determined to hold those Federal Prosecutors responsible for their actions in denying my son of his right to a trial. I have requested an investigation by the FBI in Atlanta into my charge of “DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW”.

      Many elements of this case are documented on

      My contact information is:

      Ronald A. Stoufflet
      311 Midland Drive
      Houma, LA 70360
      (985) 876-0935 / (985) 804-3862

    • Chris, I was happy to sign the partition and donate. What a cluster fuck.. I too am being hounded by the Feds after 3 DA’s and 4 years these assholes are doing the same thing in SF.If you google Joseph Carozza M.D. you’ll see what I mean…JC

    • Joseph Carozza should rot in H***, ad if there’s a god he will! He is a truly EVIL man!!! Please don’t believe a word he says.

  7. lawyer got my money,and he was not doing nothing,didn,t hear from him for year and three months,I had to call him,plus I fried him,still never heard from him.and sent him a certified letter.and I need help to get my money back.I live here in louisiana and these lawyers stick together.thank you and please reply.gert.and his name is Phillip Letard,109 carter street,Vadilia, 318-336-8990

  8. The link for filing a grienvance with Cal. state bar does not work. Do you have an alternate url for this?

  9. The Illinois State Bar Association has nothing to do with grievances against Illinois lawyers, nor does it license attorneys. The ISBA is strictly a voluntary association. Attorneys in Illinois register with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC). It is the ARDC, and not the ISBA, who should be listed under ‘Bar Home Page’.

  10. I do a radio show on legal reform and am in the process of putting up two sites, one where people can fill out a questionnaire and the system will produce a state specific bar girevance, the other will do the same for a judicial conduct complaint.

    I looked at your site and clearly you are on the same page with what we are doing. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to make what we are doing more effective I would certainly like to hear it.


    • I am filing a Arizona Bar Complaint against Jill J. Ormond Attorney at Law (Entertainment) as she has violated me on several accounts over that past several years. She is unethical in her practices and took my based on true story novel, book as I’m an author and did not file the LLC and acted as she with my then partners. She played dumb in her part and blameed the secretary. Two years later she took back two of my partners and went against me again on my story BackSPIN using my information through Steve Wargo and Andrew Morgan advertising on well know site Linkedin. I asked her to seize and desist and they continued to advertise on LInkedin for months after. I have copies of everything, dates and times. Would hope that Jill J. Ormond loses her license and then I will proceed with a legal malprace suit on this person.

      Alison A. HIcks
      Author/Film Creator

  11. I want to go to trial but my lawyer says no. Why is this?
    A woman accused me falsely, I do have witnesses but no one cares to speak with them. This is complicated I guess and would like to explain in further detail by phone or email so that you will understand. They are forcing me to plead guilty with 13 months and a day of probation with some other program requirements they want me to attend that I don’t need, or I go to jail. I was raised by a lawyer and married to a cop. I have always had the utmost respect for the law and now, they want to mess up my life.
    Anyway, I am having trouble with a Waterbury Prosecutor who is not interested in the truth, just making me do all sort of things that I do not want to do and my lawyer is agreeing, I think they are friends. All of this because I do not have the money to defend myself. These charges will have a negative impact on my future if I continue. I am innocent and need your help to prove that since no one else in this town is interested in the truth; I know you support the truth. Please help me get justice. I do have a court date coming up and I am not sure what to do. My next course of action will be contacting the media.

  12. I am an attorney practicing law in Bloomfield, New Jersey and have over twenty years of experience representing clients with diverse needs.

  13. Can someone help me with writting one?

  14. I’m trying to make a complaint against an occasion attorney for turning two fraudulated documents in to a judge and Gained a signature using these documents. Please direct me

  15. My ex-husband is active duty military and won’t pay child support. When he found out I was trying to get the support order changed, he threatened to take my daughter away on visitation and not bring her back. I tried to figure out which state had jurisdiction but no lawyer would tell me. First I tried suing in Texas because that’s where he had been stationed for four years. My lawyer intentionally waited nine months for the Army to send my ex-husband overseas before sending his process server 20 minutes down the road to serve him. Then he falsified documents. He pretended my case had been heard before a judge. I filed a complaint against him earlier this year which was thrown out.

    Two years ago, my ex-husband sued me in Utah. At the hearing, the attorney I retained to represent me did not tell the judge why I wouldn’t let her father take her out of state on visitation. I had to drive across country and represent myself pro-se 6 weeks later and the judge threw out my case. I retained another Utah attorney to go to the follow up hearing and he didn’t show up, so they threw out my case. I am still working with this same attorney because I can’t find a better one. He waited month after month to serve my ex-husband earlier this year and never succeeded. Finally, I had to do it myself because my lawyer failed each time. Now he’s trying to make me go to mediation even though no discovery has been done about my ex-husband’s income even though I’ve sent in all my financial documents. Because he and the other attorney I retained either didn’t speak on my behalf at the hearings or didn’t show up, my ex-husband’s attorney has just gotten out a judgment against me for $6,000. My bank account is messed up and I can no longer make monthly payments to my current attorney or pay my other bills either. There have been no hearings set and my ex-husband is in Maryland doing training.

    My ex-husband is a soldier who does not pay rent, housing expenses or taxes, has a food allowance, gets combat and signing bonuses and free education while I struggle on food stamps. Is he paying off my attorneys to repeatedly throw my case so my daughter can’t get child support? Please somebody, help me.

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