It’s not paranoia if they ARE out to get you, No. 7

In Episode No. 5 of the Paranoia, I highlighted the story of Jesselyn Radack as told by Jane Mayer, author of The Dark Side, in her July 14, 2008 interview, Six Questions for Jane Mayer, Author of The Dark Side, with Scott Horton at No Comment. Ms. Radack wrote about her experience in The Canary in the Coal Mine.

In this interview with Bill Moyers about her book, Ms. Mayer continues to provide material for this series:

BILL MOYERS: Who were some of the other conservative heroes, as you call them, in your book?

JANE MAYER: A lot of them are lawyers. And they were people inside the Justice Department who, one of whom, and I can’t name this one in particular, said when he looked around at some of the White House meetings – he was in where they were authorizing the President, literally, to torture people – if he thought that was necessary, he said, “I can’t, I could not believe these lunatics had taken over the country.” And I am not talking about someone who is a liberal Democrat. I’m talking about a very conservative member of this Administration. And there was a-

BILL MOYERS: Your source?

JANE MAYER: My source.

BILL MOYERS: And, yet, when these conservatives – as you write in your book – when these conservatives spoke up, Cheney and company retaliated against their own men.

JANE MAYER: People told me, “You can’t imagine what it was like inside the White House during this period.” There was such an atmosphere of intimidation. And when the lawyers, some of these lawyers tried to stand up to this later, they felt so endangered in some ways that, at one point, two of the top lawyers from the Justice Department developed this system of talking in codes to each other because they thought they might be being wiretapped. And they even felt-

BILL MOYERS: By their own government.

JANE MAYER: By their own government. They felt like they might be kind of weirdly in physical danger. They were actually scared to stand up to Vice President Cheney.

Full transcript here.

These attorneys were right to be frightened of Vice President Cheney. Just ask Harry Whittington.

H/t ThinkProgress via WriteChicPress

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