Welcome to readers of Left in Alabama and Pine Belt Progressive

Thank you to Gene’O for referring readers from Pine Belt Progressive and Left in Alabama. You will find that I am not as prolific as Glenn Greenwald is or Scott Horton, who recently announced he was going to stop blogging at No Comment, was, but I hope you will stop by from time to time for new posts.

For some background, the following is from an e-mail I sent to Gene’O in response to some questions he had about The Grievance Project:

For most of my professional life, my political interests have been mainly directed at the state and local level through fairly typical community involvement like church, my legal practice, civic and business groups, etc. The Jose Padilla case basically changed that and I started to focus more and more on national, specifically Constitutional, issues. The more I learned, the more I was amazed at the unethical conduct of the attorneys who enabled these numerous violations.

Like Alberto Gonzales, for instance, who tried to get a document executed by John Ashcroft, while knowing full well that Ashcroft was in ICU recovering from surgery, was sedated and had relinquished the responsibilities of Attorney General. If I tried to get a deed or a will signed under those circumstances, I would likely be disbarred.

And like Harriet E. Miers who refused to even appear for a legal subpoena (Congress has the inherent right to arrest her and have her brought before the Congress). And there’s plenty more. My list of these attorneys, from all three branches of the federal government, is currently at 95+ and growing.

I e-mailed various columnists, bloggers, etc., to champion the idea of filing grievances against these attorneys, but noone was interested so I eventually started The Grievance Project.

Gene’O noted that because the grievance form:

asks for an address and phone number, and it indicates that the person filing a grievance may be called to give testimony. That’s going to make people pause. Some will even fear retaliation or media exposure. Rational or not, people are going to consider that. That’s one issue. (Think about how many people are afraid to use their real names on petitions and discussion threads. Think about how many readers it takes to get just one or two people who leave comments. That’s why I’m concerned about this issue.)

He’s right with respect to many and probably most people that will ever read anything here at TGP. Even before I knew who Don Siegelman was, I was concerned about being Siegelmanned. So, I decided to do this anonymously – at least as best as I can since I’m a lawyer, not a techie. I was uncomfortable at first with the idea of asking people to do something that was very much in the public eye while I chose to remain anonymous. However, I figured that if Thomas Paine could publish Common Sense anonymously and still be considered a Founding Father, I could write TGP anonymously. Of course, right off the bat, the anonymity calls into question my credibility, but this at least forces me to be precise in what I write. (This also means it takes me considerably longer to write the attorney posts.)

So as to this typical reader as a target audience, I would hope only to educate some and encourage them to educate others. I only envision this audience participating in a filing such as what fdl is doing with the McCain FEC complaint. The bloggers are filing the complaint with the FEC and readers are ‘signing on’ by signing a petition.

Ultimately, I think it would take an ‘activist’ type of person willing to actually file a complaint. That’s my second target audience.

My third target audience is to continue to attract the interest of other bloggers, like those at Pine Belt Progressive and Left in Alabama, who recognize that this is a viable option, so I can eventually get the publicity necessary to attract someone from the second target audience or form an online alliance strong enough to do something on a grand scale that can’t be ignored.

My fourth target audience would be a publisher willing to finance TGP at the next level where I could hire 1-2 people to help prepare and file these applications myself for an article or whatever.

My fifth target audience is the attorneys in the states in which these enabling attorneys are admitted. Most state’s rules of professional conduct impose an ethical obligation on an attorney in that state to report unethical conduct engaged in by another attorney in that state (under certain specified conditions). So, once an attorney becomes aware of conduct that must be reported, it then becomes a separate and distinct ethics violation of that second attorney if that second attorney fails to report the misconduct. Hopefully, eventually, a Birmingham lawyer – it will probably will have to be an Auburn alum since Judge Fuller’s an Alabama alum – will step up, uphold their own oath and file a complaint against Judge Fuller.

A sixth target audience would be attorneys willing to contribute by researching and writing posts on attorneys and/or critically analyzing my posts for weaknesses in my arguments. I sincerely appreciate your interest. I’m convinced that the tactic is sound and only requires the publicity to continue to attract the right people.

Please feel free to add to the discussion. I have no stated comment policy other than that the first comment is moderated, so note that it may take me some time to get to any new commenters.


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  1. There’s a lot to sink my teeth into on this sight. Thank you. Maybe you’ll pick up as Horton leaves off. I appreciated the Fuller post.

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