E-mail to Judge Mark Everett Fuller

Judge Mark Everett Fuller
U.S. District Court Judge

Dear Judge Fuller,

I have been researching the conduct of various attorneys in the service of the government of the United States, whether that conduct is a violation of the rules of professional conduct with which each such attorney must comply and authoring factual allegations of conduct that establish violations of the applicable rules of professional responsibility, including Alberto Gonzales, D. Kyle Sampson, Harriet Miers and yourself. In my opinion, you have committed numerous violations of the rules of professional conduct of Alabama that raise a substantial question as to your honesty, trustworthiness and fitness as a lawyer.

I’m interested in your response to the criticisms that your conduct in your handling of the Don Siegelman matter violated the Alabama Rules of Procedure.


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One Response

  1. TGP welcomes this visitor from the United States federal courts:

    res11.gtwy.uscourts.gov (Us Courts) [Label IP Address]
    District Of Columbia, Washington, United States, 0 returning visit
    Date Time WebPage
    July 16th 2009 12:12:23 PM No referring link

    I appreciate the visits, but you need to spend less time online and more time cleaning (court)house.

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