It’s not paranoia if they ARE out to get you, No. 2

From Scott Horton at Harper’s:

Seems that people who raise their voice in support of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman are often the victims of unfortunate accidents. Ask Dana Jill Simpson, the Rainsville Republican lawyer who notes that as soon as she told some friends that she had resolved to file an affidavit exposing what was going on in the Siegelman case, unfortunate accidents started happening. Like a fire at her home, and a brush with a motor vehicle operated by an off-duty law enforcement officer that resulted in her car being totaled. Well, maybe these were just accidents. In fact, Simpson seems convinced they were. But it’s clear that she has some vague and lingering doubts.

And then, following the sentencing phase of the Siegelman trial, his lawyer, Susan James, reports that her office was ransacked. These weren’t your ordinary vandals, it seems. They left computers, television sets, champagne and bottles of alcohol untouched. And they focused with laser-like intensity on her client files.

Full article here.

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3 Responses

  1. […] It’s not paranoia if they ARE out to get you, No. 2 […]

  2. I, too, search, cry, pray…wanting to find reasons not to be discouraged. The Bush administration garnered such support because we wanted to believe that we, conservatives (Black/White/young and old) would be working with a man who agreed with the term family values, ethics and morals. The scandals, the dirty, dirty politics, are just devastating to the party. It isn’t just the war. It is the lack of ethics. Karl Rove thumbs his nose up in the air as an elitist while Dana Jill Simpson has the “balls” to face Congress and swear that she is telling the truth. She IS the man. She has experienced personal assaults and she is still standing. I applaud her!

  3. Thanks for the comment, Dorothy.

    The protection of our rights is not a partisan issue, a racial issue, a liberal/conservative issue. I, too, applaud Ms. Simpson for the stand she is taking.

    I hope you continue to visit TGP.


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